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The Future Series

Registered copyright 2019



Remember the Future


Remember the Future is an NA time travel, adventure and a coming of age romance. Joe and Harriet start their summer vacation with an innocent hike that ends in the next century. There, they are locked up and at the mercy of a madman who wants to use them in a diabolical scheme. They're soon faced with life-altering decisions that could change the course of history.

An exciting page-turner, Remember the Future, will leave you wanting more.  

September 2019.

copyright 2019 Gail Griffiths

Return from the Future Mock Up[26686].jp
Return from the Future

Join Joe and Harriet for the next chapters in their less than predictable lives.

They've returned from the future and must face their parents to explain where they've been for the past two months.

Do they tell the truth, which is too fantastic to believe? Or do they fabricate a different truth?

Now safe and a century away from danger, they can get on with their lives. Or so they believe.

Book two: Return from the Future, watch for it in the fall of 2019.

copyright 2019 Gail Griffiths



Saving the Future

​Joe and Harriet are off to the future again to warn her best friend Maggie that she's in danger from Luke, the man who once raped her. With little planning, they soon become embroiled in their android friends' battle to topple the evil head of the

SPA, John Weatherby, and to stop him from engineering more kidnappings. Follow our crusading couple as they attempt to rescue the commander's six kidnapped victims. Fast-paced and full of surprises, book three won't disappoint. Available January 2022.

copyright 2019 Gail Griffiths

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