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                                                Gail P. Griffiths

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 Friendship and Courage

Hi all,

I finally screwed up enough courage to publish Remember the Future to for pre-ordering and delivery on September  21st. When I say "screwing up" I don't mean that literally. It simply means that I have found excuse after excuse why I should keep putting it off. I had no idea just how difficult it is to wade through all of the technicalities of self-publishing. We who are over a certain age, don't find our way around the complexities of URLs and a zillion other details that might as well be written in a foreign language. The old joke about asking your teenaged niece or nephew to do it for you has merit. 

But with my blood pressure rising into stroke range, I have one by one surmounted each new obstacle.

The one thing I have accomplished and I am proud of it, is a Facebook forum or group, if you prefer. 

I enjoy interacting with each of you. I don't think an impersonal newsletter will accomplish that. I have moderated or been the administrator of two very large book fan forums. (Outlander forums, for those of you who are curious) So handling one hundred and fifty thousand people is daunting, but fun. I can only dream of that many followers. I have nearly fifty, that's Five-O, in less than a week. Mind you with a little help from my friends that will grow. I suspect behind every successful person is a team of friends who support and push us along. I have such a team and am proud, that over the years, I have garnered so many loyal friends, in my circle of support. My new friends and supporters, who have helped me with the technical aspects of getting it together are Rebecca Weeks of Dark Wish Designs, who is my cover editor. She did a great job, but besides that, she had taken me under her wing and is guiding me through this complicated process. Rebecca is a prolific author who designs book covers and other things when she's not writing. Hmmm, I barely find time to eat lunch, and all I do is write. My good friends and authors, Susan Atkins, also known by her pen name S.M. McEachern. My inspiration to begin this journey, Denise Sevier-Fries, Author, blogger, photographer, and an all-around good person. 

I could fill another page with those who have supported and helped me. But on reflection, isn't that what makes life a success, people helping people? None of us can get through this alone. So hats off to all of you who have taken the time out of your lives to follow me on this incredible journey.

I am not too sure how my debut novel will fare, but I can only hope that it catches on. Word of mouth and my Facebook page may save the day. By the way, if you haven't joined my FB group, you can do it here: 

In the meantime, I have to get the word out. I'm hoping that you, who have joined my page, will help me to spread the word. 

That's it for today. Please feel free to leave a comment on any of my pages. 

   Until next time:


        Gail P Griffiths

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